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Jun 17, 2024

Teton Pass Collapse, Polaris’ New Off-Road Charging Network, EV Charging Cable Theft, and Other News

Grand Teton National Park

Here’s what you might have missed this week in outdoor, innovation, and EV news.

Teton Pass Collapse Affects Wyoming’s Tourism Industry

On June 7, a large chunk of Wyoming Highway 22 collapsed, leading Governor Mark Gordon to declare a state of emergency. The 17-mile highway, better known as the Teton Pass, is the only cross-state route in the area leading from the popular tourist destination of Jackson—a gateway to Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks—to Idaho’s Teton Valley, where a lot of the people who staff Wyoming’s tourism industry live.   

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Polaris Opens Unique Off-Road Charging Network In Michigan

Powersports vehicle manufacturer Polaris recently opened an off-road EV charging network in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). The first-of-its-kind network supports 100 miles of off-road trails in the U.P., allowing electric off-road vehicles to charge for free at the four stations located in some of the area’s most popular ORV destinations. 

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Do You Know How to Stay Safe While Backcountry Camping?

Summer is the season when many people head out to the backcountry to camp and explore, but it can be dangerous if you’re not fully prepared for the challenge. The Weather Network has published a video detailing the “Three Ts” that can help newbies and first-timers stay safe in the wilderness: Trip Plan, Train, and Take the Essentials.

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Thieves Target EV Charging Station Cables

EV charging cables contain copper wiring, which is making them a new target of theft across the country, potentially leaving EV drivers stranded with no way to charge their vehicles. With the price of copper near a global record high, leading EV charging companies including Electrify America, Flo, and EVgo all report an increase in cable thefts. 

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Jeep Kicks Off EV Push with New Wagoneer S

Jeep has unveiled its first global electric vehicle, the 2024 Wagoneer S, in what the automaker is calling an EV offensive for the U.S. Previously, Jeep has focused on plug-in hybrid vehicles, which accounted for 17.5% of its sales this year. The company expects to keep growing its PHEV sales, while also building several new EV models in the next few years.

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