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Apr 29, 2024

Battery Recycling Makes EVs Cleaner, Yosemite Glamping is Back, Disneyland’s Autopia Goes Electric, and Other News

View of an expansive meadow with snow-capped mountains in the background
View of an expansive meadow with snow-capped mountains in the background
View of an expansive meadow with snow-capped mountains in the background
View of an expansive meadow with snow-capped mountains in the background

Yosemite National Park

Here’s what you might have missed this week in outdoor, innovation, and EV news.

What Does an Electric Auto Race Sound Like?

The all-electric Formula E championship is figuring out how to market its auto races to an audience used to the roaring of gasoline-fueled engines. While electric vehicles are known for being quick on the acceleration, they operate in silence. A recent Washington Post story compares the sounds of the more sustainability-minded races to electric toothbrushes—but how does the audience feel about it? 

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Mercedes Unveils New G-Wagen EV Off-Roader

Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled its first all-electric G-Wagen, the G 580, billed as an off-road adventure powerhouse. In fact, a promo video from the brand states that it “competes to be the best electric off-road vehicle in the world.” Some of the G 580’s more interesting features include the ability to climb steep slopes, ford deep water crossings, and turn in one spot on loose surfaces. 

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Glamping Returns to Yosemite

As glamping (or glamorous camping) continues to grow in popularity, Yosemite National Park has reopened three of its camps to visitors after five years of closures due to pandemic and weather-related reasons. The High Sierra Camps glamping sites are now available via lottery applications. 

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Battery Recycling Makes EVs More Green

While electric vehicles come with a low carbon footprint from a tailpipe emissions standpoint, making the batteries that go into these vehicles takes a heavy toll on the environment. But with new advances in battery recycling, EVs win big on CO2 savings compared to internal-combustion engine vehicles, according to a new Stanford University report.   

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Disneyland’s Autopia Switches to EVs 

Disneyland is jumping on the EV trend. The Anaheim, California, theme park announced that it’s ditching the gasoline vehicles at its Autopia ride in favor of EVs within the next 30 months. Autopia is a classic Disney attraction, around since 1955, where visitors “cruise the scenic winding roads” of the miniature course in a “souped-up coupe” designed for small drivers, according to Disneyland’s website. 

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Don’t Miss the Great Smokies’ Firefly Lottery

Each year in the spring, thousands of fireflies illuminate the sky in the Elkmont area of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. This event is incredibly popular, and visitors hoping to catch the show will need to enter a lottery for a chance at a reservation. This year’s lottery closes today, April 29, at midnight, so don’t miss your chance.

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