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Mar 25, 2024

New EPA Rules Can Boost EV Sales, Changes Coming to Zion National Park, and Other News

Aerial view of a red rock landscape with a switchback road going through it
Aerial view of a red rock landscape with a switchback road going through it
Aerial view of a red rock landscape with a switchback road going through it
Aerial view of a red rock landscape with a switchback road going through it

Zion National Park | Photo: Sanna Boman

Here’s what you might have missed this week in outdoors, innovation, and EV news.

New Tailpipe Auto Rules Expected to Boost Hybrids

Last week, the Biden administration rolled out a new rule that will help boost EV and hybrid sales and push the U.S. auto industry toward electrification. The new rules are a step back from a previous, more aggressive plan, as it places a bigger emphasis on plug-in hybrids, but it still pushes for a significant reduction in emissions.

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A Rare Comet Is Visible from Earth

A large comet that orbits the sun every 71 years is currently visible from Earth—and it’s expected to team up with next month’s total solar eclipse to create a stellar double-header event. The comet, known as 12P/Pons-Brooks, can be spotted now using binoculars or a telescope. The next time it will be visible is in 2095.

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Which Generations Are Buying EVs?

A recent report by Experian found that Gen Xers and Millennials buy the most EVs, while Baby Boomers tend to stick to gas powered vehicles. Gen Xers buy the most vehicles in general, and in 2023, 9.4% of those vehicles were electric. Among Millennials, EVs made up 10.2% of new vehicles purchased last year. But while younger generations show a stronger support for EV mandates, that support has yet to translate into more widespread EV adoption for Gen Z—likely due to the higher price tags on electric vehicles.

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Changes Might Be Coming to Zion

If you’ve visited Zion National Park in Utah in the last few years, you’ve likely had to deal with congested roads, crowded trails, and long lines throughout the park. And while most people agree that the views are worth the wait, officials are looking at solutions to the overcrowding problem—including potentially redesigning roads and parking areas.   

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Love’s RV Travel Stops Expanding in 2024

With 644 locations in 42 states, Love’s Travel Stops has a hold on the travel and truck stop market—and now it’s expanding its offerings for RVers, opening 31 new RV Travel Stops in 2024. Love’s RV Travel Stops feature hookups for electrical, water, and sewer; dump stations; and WiFi, with larger locations providing even more amenities. “RVers were already visiting our locations, and we wanted to serve them better,” Jim Wheeler, Love’s Director of Hospitality and RV Operations, told Woodall’s Campground Magazine. 

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