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Mar 4, 2024

Tesla Network Now Available to Ford EVs, Electric Outdoors and Nxu Partnership, New Campsites, and Other News

Here’s what you might have missed this week in outdoors, innovation, and EV news.

Electric Outdoors Announces EV Charging Partnership with Nxu

Two innovators in the electric mobility space, Electric Outdoors and Nxu, announced last week that they will join forces to bring outdoor adventure and road trip EV charging to the next level for electric vehicle drivers. Electric Outdoors will integrate the NxuOne™ charging system into its solar-powered EO Canopy, and Nxu will deploy EO Canopies in remote areas. 

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50% of Private Campgrounds Added Campsites Last Year

In its 2024 Camping Report, The Dyrt found that 50 percent of private camping properties in the U.S. added new campsites in 2023. This is in response to the increased demand from campers, which has been on the rise since the start of the pandemic. A quarter of campgrounds also expanded their calendars, adding additional dates for campers to book. 

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Tesla’s Charging Network is Now Available to Ford EV Drivers

If you drive a Ford EV, you’ve likely already heard the good news: 15,000 Tesla fast-charging plugs in the U.S. and Canada are now available to you. According to Ford, this doubles the number of chargers that can be used by Ford EV drivers. There’s one catch, however: You’ll need a special adapter, which Ford will start shipping out for free at the end of March. 

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New Backcountry Discovery Route Available to ADV Riders

Adventurous motorcyclists looking to get off the pavement and explore the more rugged backcountry have long turned to Backcountry Discovery Routes, or BDR, for its detailed routes and itineraries. And now there’s a new BDR traversing through Northern California. The organization released its documentary film detailing the new route, and it features BDR team members riding it on all-electric Zero motorcycles. 

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Can You Work Remotely Off-the-Grid?

To many people, remote work simply means working from home or from a coffee shop. Others take it more literally, trying to find ways to push the boundaries of modern work. This article, written by an Outside writer on a beach in Baja, explores what it takes to stay connected off-grid—and it all starts with Starlink. 

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