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Feb 19, 2024

Camping in the Cybertruck, the Most Popular EVs, a Look at the Outdoor Therapy Trend, and Other News

An electric vehicle is charging at a charging station
An electric vehicle is charging at a charging station
An electric vehicle is charging at a charging station
An electric vehicle is charging at a charging station

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Here’s what you might have missed this week in outdoors, innovation, and EV news.

Can You Take the Cybertruck Camping?

Tesla’s new Cybertruck has the internet divided—but beyond its unconventional appearance, how does it hold up for camping? A Cybertruck owner took his EV to a Texas park to find out, and detailed both the positives and the negatives in a YouTube video.   

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The ‘Into the Wild’ Bus Is Now in a Museum

If you've read or seen Into the Wild, you know that Bus 142 is a familiar part of Alaskan outdoor exploration lore. The former Fairbanks transit bus, where Christopher McCandless spent the final part of his life, sat in the wilderness for more than 70 years, serving as a destination for countless adventurers. But more recently, it’s found a new home: the University of Alaska Museum of the North.

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These Are the 10 Most Popular EVs in the U.S.

Car review website Edmunds has rounded up the 10 most popular electric vehicles available today in the U.S., and it’s probably no shock to anyone that the Tesla Model 3 comes in at the top spot. The list includes cars, SUVs, a truck, and even a luxury sports car: the Porsche Taycan. Find out which other EVs made the cut.

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Utility Approvals Are Amazon’s Big EV Charging Obstacle 

Amazon is scaling up its fleet of electric delivery trucks, currently operating around 10,000 EVs globally. To meet its goal of 100,000 electric trucks by 2030, the e-commerce giant needs to install more chargers. But getting ahead of the infrastructure challenges, including the available power supply, has proven to be difficult. Amazon has a team of 15 employees tasked with coordinating with local power companies to obtain approvals and permits, which is a time-consuming process that can mean delays of rollouts in new regions.

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Need a Reset? Try Outdoor Therapy

According to National Geographic, more than half the world’s population lives in cities, meaning that they often lack easy access to the outdoors. But a new trend is sweeping through travel destinations around the world, focused on the healing powers of nature. If you need a mental reset, you can find everything from getaway therapy retreats to float therapy, labyrinth walking, outdoor sound healing, and more.  

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